Link: Emacs, org-mode, org-roam

Org-roam configuration

System crafter’s tutorial

Getting started with org-roam

Capture notes templates

Journal in org-roam

Org-roam hacks

Redditor’s config

Hugo Cisnero’s notes

Not config, but a demonstration of org-roam notes

Doom emacs configuration

Doom emacs screencast config


Fine tuned for academic writing

Doom emacs with commentary

Doom emacs 5:09 Add doom emacs folder to path to use doom sync directly, except use .zshrc instead of .bashrc 7:22 Configure emacs daemon and launch 11:20 Add gui icon

All in one configuration

Config with guide and explaination

The configuration from the author of org-roam (doom emacs)

David’s config from emacs-from-scratch

Chen Bin’s config

Fast and robust config

Centaur config

Fancy and fast emacs config

Org-mode configuration

Hugo Cisneros’ configurations

Emacs guide and tutorial

System crafter’s guide series

General configuration in Emacs

Package introduction of ivy, Swiper, and counsel

Org-mode learning resources

【教程】用Emacs org mode实现任务管理(基础)

Very beginner friendly guide for non-programming folks

The Basics of Emacs Configuration - YouTube

Emacs essential. It covers the basics of setting Emacs configuration.

Emacs From Scratch #5 - Org Mode Basics - YouTube

Org-mode basics tutorial series

OrgMode E01S01: Headlines & outline mode - YouTube

Great series to learn org-mode. Each episode is within 10 minutes and covers a topic. However, it only covers the functionality of org-mode and did not talk anything about config. It’s best to complete the Emacs config before watching this series.