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Logistic regression

What is logistic regression?

  • Logistic regression is a method for classification
  • It helps classification: either 0 or 1
  • It’s a specific type of generalized linear model(GLM)

Why to use logistic regression, and not liner regression

  1. Because normal linear regression model on binary groups
    1. Result is either 0 or 1, while linear regression is a continuous line which can go beyond 0 or 1 (beyond limit)
    2. It poorly fits the data
  2. Logistic regression is a transformed form of linear regression

Sigmoid Function/Logistic Function

What is Sigmoid Function (Logistic function) ?

A function to transform any value to be between 0 and 1

How to use it in evaluation?

We can set cutoff point at 0.5:

  1. Below 0.5 belongs to 0
  2. Above 0.5 belongs to 1
How to interpret when the point is in 0.5?

There’s a 50/50 chance that the result is either 0 or 1.

Explain the math: where does it comes from?

Linear regression model:

Transformed to Logistic regression model:

Evaluate the model

Using Confusion matrix

Simple example of confusion matrix

A simple example to predict disease:

n=165Predicted: NPredicted: Y
Actual: N50 (TN)10 (FP=Type-I)60
Actual: Y5 (FN=Type-II)100 (TP)105


  • True Positives (TP)
  • True Negatives (TN)
  • False Positives (FP): Type-I error
  • False Negatives (FN): Type-II error

Evaluate with confusion matrix

Accuracy rate

In the example:

Misclassification rate (Error rate)

In the example: