Link: Knitting

Before the bind off

In the last row, knit with a smaller needle for 2x2 ribbing.

Set up

Purl the 1st knit st Knit the 1st purl from the back (insert between 2nd and 3rd st from the back, and then knit)

Repeat pattern

2 knit 2 purl, yarn in the back of the 3rd st:

  • knit and drop the 1st st
  • Purl the 2nd knit st

1 knit 2 purl 1 knit, yarn in the front of 1st st:

  • purl the 1st purl st from back
  • knit the 2nd purl as normal
  • Knit and drop the 1st knit st
  • purl the 2nd knit st

2 purl 2 knit, yarn in the front in the 3rd st:

  • Drop the 1st purl st

1 purl 2 knit 1 purl, yarn in the front of 2nd st:

  • Purl and drop the 1st purl st
  • knit the 2nd purl from back