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What is LDA?

It reduces dimensions, just like PDA.


Assume we use one gene to decide whether a drug works on different people

Use one predictor vs two predictors (gene)

Use three+ predictors: it will be a 3D or more dimensional chart

How does it reduce dimension?

We can’t just simply dropping one of the axis (e.g. gene y) because it will lose data. Instead, LDA creates a new axis and project new data there. LDA creates the new axis based on two criterias:

  1. Maximize the distance between two mean and
  2. Minimize the variation (“scatter”, ) within each category
  3. Consider two above simutanously

where is also called (d for distance).

Why we need the two criterias

If we only maxmize , there will be lots of dots overlapped and thus hard to separate them.

Two predictors (genes)

Same process of creating new axis, but it will be 3 dimensional.

Three categories

The process follow the same rule, but the implementation is a bit different.

  1. Maxmize

    1. Find the main central points of all data
    2. Find the central points of each category
    3. Get , , , the distance between each category and the main central point
    4. Maximize the . Now we have 3 , so we need to add them up in order max the value
  2. Minimize the scatter for each category

  3. Consider above two simutanously:

  4. Instead of creating one axis, LDA now creates two axes to separate the data. This is because we have three categories which form a plane, not a line.

An example of usage in application

Say we have 3 categories and 10,000 genes. If we plot the raw data without reducing dimensions, it would require 10,000 axes. However, LDA can reduce the axes to only 2.


  • PCA doesn’t focus on separating cateogries. It uses mainly for looking max variation
  • Both reduce dimensions by creating new axes.
    • PCA creates 1st axis on 1st max variation in data, and 2nd axis and so on
    • LDA careates 1st axis per most variation between categories, and so on

-We can also dig in to see which predictors (genes) are most impactful


LDA is a method to reduce dimensions. It’s useful for separating categories.